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Why insurance from easyinsuranceindia.com?

  • Pay same or less premium than buying directly from the insurance companies
  • You can compare the premium and benefits offered by various companies in one place
  • We give you unbiased comparison with no preference to any specific insurer
  • When you purchase your insurance from us, you can also call us for help during claim

We offer comparative insurance quotes from 30+ leading insurance companies and let you purchase your preferred policy online thereby saving you time and money.

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  • "I wish to place on records the excellent service rendered by Easy Insurance India in getting my claim settled with the insurer. I sustained the injury in Feb last year in the US and after a difficult dialog with the insurer, you were able to get the claim settled. I had almost lost hope of getting the settlement, and I appreciate your support in getting the same. This has been a great comfort for me."

    • Mrs. Kanaka Ramanujam
  • "...In my third year policy there was a problem in my claim and the person from Easy Insurance India helped me a lot during the claim Process and now my claim has been settled. I personally thank Easy Insurance India because of their prompt response and service to the customers..."

    • Mr. Abhilash
    • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • Its a good service by your company. And you are the best supportive to customers.

    Thanks to easy insurance

    • Jotappa Harakanchi
  • I want to take the opportunity to "Thank" Ms. Eswari for her service in attending to my request. Also I want to let you know that I am very impressed with the website and the information provided with ease to understand.

    Wish you Good Luck.

    • Gunasekar Rajendran
  • Thanks for your prompt support and excellent follow up really impressed with your work culture!! Well done and keep it up!

    • Rajiv S Kubal
  • You have Been personally Very Prompt and Professional in following up ...

    Your Unfailing Courtesy is Highly appreciated and Many Thanks for all help rendered

    • Mr. Vasant Ayyar
  • I had good experience with your services. It was really quick and complete process you rendered.

    Thanks a lot.

    • S. Manikandan
  • It's good to having contact with you. Since you are there for all the time when I want prompt reply.

    You guys handle my all query related to my car insurance and gave me best of best option.

    No lengthy procedure and prompt reply made me buy policy with you.

    • Shambha Parab
  • I truly appreciate quick and prompt service that you guys are offering.

    Initially I was little skeptical to buy insurance just by talking to someone who is located far away. But now I can say that my decision to opt insurance from Easy Insurance India was correct and fruitful.

    I will certainly consider this organization for all my future insurance related needs and recommend it to my family and friends too.

    • Prasad Kandarkar

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We can explain what each benefit means, what each exclusion means, and other details which you may find confusing. Not only do we help you get a policy, more importantly, we will also help you during the time of claim, if any, Act Now. Contact Us.

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